Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seven Stars Inn Steakhouse

Today I'm gonna switch things up a bit here on the blog. I usually cover various eating challenges from around the country/world, however this particular post will just focus on a local PA steakhouse. The reason I'm writing about it here is the place is famous for it's MASSIVE portions. I don't think they have any challenges, yet, but literaly everything on the menu is BIG. The restaurant is called Seven Stars Inn. It is located in phoenixville, chester county, PA. It is a historic location, as it has been there since 1736, giving it tons of character and charm. Menu items range greatly from 32oz sirloin steaks, 24oz cold water lobster tails, and up the behemoth 40oz prime rib, the specialty of the house, and also my personal favorite! If you decide to visit this historic steakhouse, and I highly recommend you do, come HUNGRY! People almost always leave with BAGS of leftovers! The price is a little steep, but considering the quality of the food, and the portions, I'd say it's spot-on. So if you're ever in Chester County, PA near Phoenixville, come check this place out. You'll be SO happy you did!

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